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  Oak Hill Middle School Chinese Program

Welcome to the Chinese Language Website!
Chinese courses are designed for those who are interested in learning the Chinese language. In this course, students will obtain their Chinese language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing with the focus on communicative skills.

Your Chinese Language Teacher: Yuanchao Meng

Newton 2016 Summer Institute Language Practice

https://quizlet.com/_2dp3tf   ( Chinese Proverbs )

8th Class Games

https://quizlet.com/_2d6s4s     June General Review

https://quizlet.com/_25vri7     Travel in China

https://quizlet.com/_24hglz     Travel Unit-Things

https://quizlet.com/_21rgeh       General Review Questions

https://quizlet.com/_1xqr3v       Transportation One1/25/16

https://quizlet.com/_12u44v       Transportation Two 1/25/16

https://quizlet.com/_15td97       How to get to 2

https://quizlet.com/_12u44v       How to get to...

https://quizlet.com/_1szusa  Term II My Community

https://quizlet.com/_1o6pci  Weather Unit Voc

http://quizlet.com/_sdynu          School Life

http://quizlet.com/_vbas8                   8th Language Functions

https://quizlet.com/_1cbgdj       5/5/15   Questions to find information

http://quizlet.com/_19tr98        3/27/15    Thanks to my parents

http://quizlet.com/_15td97        2/12/15   How to get there part two

http://quizlet.com/_12u44v        1/9/15  How to get there  part one

http://quizlet.com/_10fbdg        Verb Expressions  12/5/14

http://quizlet.com/_vbas8     8th Language Functions 15 items

7th Class Games

https://quizlet.com/_29yzt2    5/10 General Review

https://quizlet.com/_24ep3e    FBI Interview  3/18/16

https://quizlet.com/_21suu1     2/26  Make a phone call Unit

https://quizlet.com/_157m4q      Shopping Unit 1/21/16

https://quizlet.com/_1uif8f         My clothes 12/15/15

https://quizlet.com/_x9t4q         Term II At Where

https://quizlet.com/_1qmowz       At Where (location)

https://quizlet.com/_1nekw0      10/20/15 Action words

http://quizlet.com/_se1eh       9/20  My birthday

http://quizlet.com/_thyw1                      Lesson 2

http://quizlet.com/_v2frq                 My Day Voc

https://quizlet.com/_1cb31p         Appointment  4/30/15

http://quizlet.com/_190isw           Stores Items     4/1/15    

http://quizlet.com/_157m4q          Shopping Unit    2/12/15

http://quizlet.com/_12mdot           My Clothes Unit Vocabulary 1/5/15

http://quizlet.com/_x9t4q              (New) Lesson 3 Location words

http://quizlet.com/_uzf9y                 7th Questions

6th Class games

https://quizlet.com/_270xus     Review Unit  4/15/16

https://quizlet.com/_24os17     Countries and Language

https://quizlet.com/_224sfp        2/29 Food & Drink

https://quizlet.com/_21sie5   2/29 Ni Hao 1 Q/A

https://quizlet.com/_19aid3      In my mother's eyes

https://quizlet.com/_1tefyn        Term II Body Parts

https://quizlet.com/_1szufj         Term II Color Words

https://quizlet.com/_1qmw9c       My Family & Friend

http://quizlet.com/_sdubz               6th 

https://quizlet.com/_uzgg7                    numbers

https://quizlet.com/_1cpkuf            5/5/15 Measure W

http://quizlet.com/_1ajqm2             4/9/15

http://quizlet.com/_19aid3               3/25/15 In My
Mom's Eyes...

http://quizlet.com/_17mi2j              3/3 Food Unit

http://quizlet.com/_152o8d             2/4/15 Descriptive Sentences

http://quizlet.com/_12mp6z           1/6/15 Sports Words

http://quizlet.com/_11eore            12/15/14    15 Questions

http://quizlet.com/_xhrqa                   NEW  Family Vocabulary

http://quizlet.com/_uzgg7                      Numbers

8th Grade Chinese Listening and Reading Assessment


Ni Hao One - Greetings, Family, Favorite Sports, Animals, etc.

Ni Hao Two - Birthday, Date & Time, My House, Making an Appointment, etc.

Ni Hao Three - Weather, School Life,  Leisure time, Directions, Travel, etc

Yuanchao Meng

130 Wheeler Rd

Newton Center MA 02459



  Dear Oak Hill Students,
 Greeting from Chinese Classes:  

   Here are the PC and Mac input menu websites:

   Information for Mac Chinese input menu:

Step 1: Click on System Preference
Step 2: Choose Language or Text
Step 3: Choose 简体中文 and click input
Step4: Choose 拼 simplified and click on input  
Step5: Click on your US flag and choose 拼
Step6: Open Worddocument and start to type in pinyin and choose the right word
        or phrased from a language baron the screen.   

Windows XP (or a later edition) has a very powerful built-in Chinese program that allows you to do Chinese word processing with MS applications (e.g. in Word, Excell, PowerPoint, FrontPage) and other Windows compatible programs (e.g. Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash). With this program activated, you can also view and type Chinese on a web page or in your email.
Follow these steps:
  • Start>Control Panel>Ragional & Language Options
  • Languages (tab)>Install files for Asian Languages (your computer starts to copy files; or go to next if the files were already copied previously)
  • (with the same window open after copying files) Details>Add> then from Input Language pulldown menu select "Chinese (PRC)".
  • Check the box for Keyboard Layout/IME, then from the pull down list, select the following two common methods (you will need both of them!):
You are done with the general setup! Follow the steps below to get familar with these input methods and their common settings.~

Typing Chinese with Windows Built-in Chinese Input Methods
I. Know the Language Bar
  • Open a word document or a text pad.
  • Press Shift-Alt a few times to see if you have a language bar at the bottom or on top of your screen. EN for English, CH for Chinese.
  • If you see the minimized language bar, try the following to see the full bar:
  • Click on EN or CH, select CH (you should see a control center on the bottom left or right. That means you are ready to type Chinese.
  • Click on CH again, and select Show the language bar or Restore the language bar, then you will see a full bar on top or bottom of the screen with more options available.

  • Setting Up Your PC for Chinese Word Processing (MS Input Method/IME)

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