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Fundations Trick Words- Grade 1
Fundations Trick Words- Grade 2
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Below are the 2nd grade trick words we will learn this year.  Please refer to this page often to help your child learn these words.  Trick words will also be part of the Fundations homework during the week.

Unit 1 Trick Words:
your                    was

Unit 2 Trick Words:
shall                   full                    pull
both                    talk                    walk

Unit 3 Trick Words:
done                    goes                    pretty

Unit 4 Trick Words:
again                   please                  animal
sure                            use                             used

Unit 5 Trick Words:
against                 knew                    know
always                  often                   once

Unit 6 Trick Words:
only                    house                   move
right                   place           together

Unit 7 Trick Words:
eight                   large                   change
city                            every                   family
night                   carry                   something

Unit 8 Trick Words:
world                   answer                  different

Unit 9 Trick Words:
picture                 learn                   earth
father                  brother                 mother

Unit 10 Trick Words:
great                   country                 away
America                 school                  thought

Unit 11 Trick Words:
whose                   won                             son
breakfast               head                    ready

Unit 12 Trick Words:
favorite                        early                   ocean

Unit 13 Trick Words:
Monday                  Tuesday                 cousin
lose                    tomorrow                beautiful

Unit 14 Trick Words:
Wednesday               Thursday                Saturday
bought                  brought                 piece

Unit 15 Trick Words:
January                 February                July
enough                  special                 December

Unit 16 Trick Words:
August                  laugh                   daughter

Unit 17 Trick Words:
trouble                 couple                  young

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