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In grade 2, we study 4 different areas:
1. How seeds travel, focusing on how seeds travel and are dispersed, observing seeds, and practicing observation skills.
2. Earth, sun, and moon, focusing on the relationship between the sun and Earth, what causes day & night, testing if the sun supplies heat, brainstorming what we know or think we know about the sun and the moon, observing the phases of the moon, and understanding the Earth's gravity.
3. Ramps, focusing on effect of gravity on objects of different weights, investigating balance, observing what happens with different size and heights of ramps, and thinking about what would make a car travel the farthest distance.
4. Life in Balance, focusing on the changes in growing plants, changes in caterpillars and butterflies, and recognizing plants and butterflies have a predictable life cycle.  

Moon Phases - Here you can view the current phase of the moon

right.gif   Social Studies

In grade 2, we learn about the modern life of a child in the United States, Mexico, China, and Ghana.   We will examine five essential questions throughout the year:
1. How do maps help us?  Maps and globes help people describe and explain the earth.
2. How are people the same and different? There are similarities and differences among, between and within groups of people.
3. How does where you live affect how you live?  Land and weather affect culture (food, clothing, shelter, traditions, art).
4. How do people get what they need? People get what they want and need in a variety of ways.
5. What does it mean to be a member of a community?  Community members have rights and responsibilities.

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