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In addition to checking out many of the resources below, please see the Fundations Trick Words folder for sight words we will be practicing over the week.  These words should be practiced regularly and can be done using flashcards, white boards, etc.  In my blog, I will post the upcoming Fundations unit so you can practice words we will also be working on in class.  

Curriculum Websites
There also a variety of different apps for the iPad you might like that focuses on various skills.  I have not actually played all of the apps but you can try them on your own and see what your child likes best.
iPad or iPhone Apps
Word Bingo - bingo version with sight words
Gopher Finding Sight Words - sight words and earning clothes to dress up the gopher
Word Search, Kids
Word Wizard - sight words, decodable words, letter sounds
Balloony Word - like hangman
Cimo Spelling - sight words
Word Domino - vocabulary, buidling words
Word Avalanche - find words
Math Bingo
Rocket Math
Splash Math
math apps from Everyday Mathematics-Top-It, Tric-Trac, Addition Top-It, Monster Squeeze

Below are some websites you may find interesting to look at with your child and many of them, they can learn to play on their own.  
Greg Tang Math:
Everyday Math program:
Funbrain Grade 2:

Storyline Online: [Link]

Science (Take at look at these with your child.)

Create your own crosswords and word searches

Newton Public Schools
Your child's year in second grade:

Massachusetts Department of Education
Curriculum Frameworks/Core Standards

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