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Painted Lady WebQuest
Mary Manning
Newton Public Schools
Last Update April 12,2012




Are you an entomologist? Would you like to be one?

As part of our study of life cycles you and your partner will learn many interesting facts about the Painted Lady Butterfly.

What does a Painted Lady Butterfly look like? Where does it live? What does it eat? How does it protect itself? What is a life cycle? What is metamorphosis? What stages does the Painted Lady Butterfly go through? Do all butterflies go through the same stages?

You will become a butterfly expert as you gather information from Websites and books to create a non-fiction textbook for our classroom library.



You and your partner are responsible for gathering information (researching), writing and illustrating a non-fiction textbook about the Painted Lady Butterfly to share with your classmates. Your book will be filled with many interesting facts about the Painted Lady Butterfly.

The Process


1. Choose a partner.

2. Decide who will use the computer first and who will take notes. Decide on how you will switch roles so you get equal use of the computer.

3. Read the Introduction and Task together. Be sure you understand the assignment.

4. Read over the questions on the research packet.

5. Visit the sites one-by-one. As you read for information explore the sites carefully. Take notes in your research packet as you learn new information. Use the "back" button to return to this site so you can then visit another suggested site.

6. When your research is complete, you are done for today. Later this week you will create a plan for your non-fiction book.

7. Finally, you will write your book carefully and include detailed, colorful illustrations.

8. Then, you can share the book with your classmates!



Painted Lady Butterfly:

Other Butterfly Sites:


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We will be using a rubric that we will develop together to assess your non-fiction textbook.


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Congratulations! Your job is done! You have now created a non-fiction textbook using the information you gathered from books and Websites! Refer back to your books as our classroom butterflies continue to move through the life cycle called metamorphosis. Bring your book home and share it with your parents, brothers, sisters and neighbors. Soon they will be experts on butterflies too!

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