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Supplies and Organization 2018-2019                                                                                                                                
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Supplies for 2018 - 2019

Earbuds for the computer are not on the supply list but are highly recommended as part of your school supplies this year. Store them in a plastic bag and keep them in your pencil pouch.

1. Pens

2. Ruler

3. Binder #1 - Lab Journal  
A flexible 3 ring binder  
Your lab journal remains in the classroom and will not be taken home during the school year. Graph paper will be placed in this binder.

4. Binder #2 - Team Binder (Used for all team classes)
The team binder is a  3-inch, hard cover, three-ring binder to be used for all team classes. It should be a durable binder. Use lined paper for the science section of this binder.

5. Eight dividers with tabs - 7 dividers for the lab journal binder  and one for the team binder

Organization of Binders

Lab Journal Binder Tab Titles
1. Classwork
2. Labs
3. Activities
4. Journal
5. Productive Talk and CER
6. Safety
7. Policies/Password
This divider will contain the class policies and password for Quia (pronounced kee-yah)

Team Binder Tab Title
8. Science

. Classwork (write class on the tab)
2. Labs
3. Activities/Journal (Write
Act/Journal on tab)
4. Growth Mindset (Write GM on the tab)
5. CER and Pro Talk (Write CER/Pro Talk
on the tab)


6. Safety
7. Policies/Password (write
policy/pass on the tab)
This divider will contain the class
policies and password for Quia
(pronounced kee-yah)
Teams Binder Tab Title
1. Science

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