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Eighth Grade Algebra
"We all use Math Everyday."-Numb3rs

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to 8E Math!  I am looking forward to sharing a challenging and successful math experience with your children this year.  

As an eighth grader in Mathematics, your child will continue to go from arithmetic to algebra, concrete thinking to more abstract and intuitive solutions, to showing all work.  An emphasis will be placed on describing solutions to answers as opposed to just writing the correct answer.  At all levels, goals in math are to provide a rigorous approach to the mathematics curriculum, to aid in the development of organizational skills, and to help the students experience success and comfort in the field of mathematics.

Weekly Problem Sets

The algebra class  will be given a set of problems to work on throughout the week.  These problems will be assigned on a Monday and due the following Monday.  Each of these weekly problems will be turned in and graded.  


The most important goal of the mathematics program is for students to be confident in their ability to solve problems so that they will continue problem solving effectively throughout their lifetime.  In order to reach that goal Bigelow math is dedicated to:

9222008_112814_0.pngprovide each student with instruction in every major strand of the curriculum.  These four strands adapted from the Massachusetts Frameworks (which is consistent with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards) include:  (1) number sense, (2) patterns, relations, and functions, (3) geometry and measurement, and (4) statistics and probability.

9222008_112814_0.pngprovide a challenge to all students.  Enrichment means extending and broadening mathematical experiences for all.

9222008_112814_0.pngfoster an appreciation of the cultural impact of mathematics and the historical significance of mathematics in the progress of civilization and to appreciate the beauty of mathematics.

9222008_112814_0.pngmake students aware of the importance of mathematics in their future careers.

Assessment and Writing in Math

Students will be assessed on tests, quizzes, homework, binder evaluation, open response questions, daily problems,  projects, and effort.   An emphasis this year will be placed on creative problem solving and writing in mathematics. One way to assess mathematical thinking is through writing.  Writing assignments provide a way for me to gather information about how a student thinks through complex problems, plans solutions, and communicate their thinking so others can understand it.  One of the projects and activities that your child will be working on this year is the Pi Day activities for the whole school to take part in.  

Extra Help and Homework

To help promote success, it is important that middle school students be accountable for their work.   Homework is used for review, reinforcement, and extension.  Homework is assigned almost every night and is reviewed the next day.  

Math is a subject where students often need to come for help.  This time gives me a chance to address individual needs and differences.  Students should always feel free to seek out extra help.  I am available in the mornings and on some afternoons.  Students are encouraged to come prepared with their notebook, pencil, and specific questions.

Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss your child’s progress.  The best ways to contact me is through email.  I look forward to working with you to make this the best year possible.

Please visit my schoology site to find homework calendar, upcoming tests/quizzes, helpful websites and other important information.


Kyra Mercado
(617) 559-6800
September 2010

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