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Welcome To Grade 5
I hope you have had a fantastic summer. I can't wait to meet you and hear all about it. Mr. Wilber will also be teaching in our class.

Your 4th grade teachers have been telling us wonderful things about this class, and the 5th grade teachers are all really excited for year to begin.

Grade five is full of all types of explorations.
  • In literacy we explore great authors and do a lot of writing projects. One of the big themes we look at is resilience and resources people use to face challenges.  
  • Math covers some geometry, properties of numbers, fractions, and problem solving.
  • Science asks us to investigate animal adaptations, weather, magnets and electricity.
  • Social Studies has us covering the history of North America. We begin by researching Native American nations that were among the first people living in this region and end with the U.S. Constitution.

Make sure you get outside and have fun during these last few days of summer. I will see you soon. Don't forget to bring your smile and sense of humor. We are going to have a great year.
I can hardly wait.
Ms. Baggs

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