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                                ALL-CITY ORCHESTRA!

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The All-City Orchestra is an after-school ensemble for kids who would like to play in an orchestra outside their own school boundaries.  It is for kids in grades 5-8 who either attend the Newton Public Schools or who are home-schooled Newton residents.  Private school students are not eligible, even those who are Newton residents.  Students must already be dedicated participants in their own school group.  The orchestra rehearses from 3:45 to 5:00 PM on Wednesday afternoons at Bigelow Middle School, starting in mid-October.

The All-City Orchestra is for kids who play violin, viola, cello, and bass.  Students who play a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument are urged to audition for the All-City Band. The All-City Orchestra does not use student pianists.

There is a $150 participation fee for students selected to the All-City
music ensembles.

THIS YEAR'S SCHEDULE.  All rehearsals are at Bigelow Middle School, and are on Wednesdays.   If school is cancelled for any reason, the rehearsal will be cancelled, too.

September 13    auditions
September 20    auditions
September 27  Early Release Day- no rehearsal or auditions
October 4               nothing today; Mr. Livingston has Jury Duty (!)
October 11      First rehearsal
October 18      rehearsal
October 25      rehearsal
November 1      rehearsal
November 8      rehearsal
November 15     rehearsal
November 22     Early Release Day- no rehearsal
November 29     rehearsal
December 6      rehearsal
December 13     rehearsal
December 20     Recital and Party (families invited)
December 27     Vacation- no school (no rehearsal)
January 3               rehearsal
January10               rehearsal
January 17      rehearsal
January 24      rehearsal
January 31      rehearsal
February 7      Early Release Day- no rehearsal
February 14     Valentine's Day Recital and Party (families invited)
February 21     Vacation- no rehearsal
February 28     rehearsal
March 7         rehearsal
March 14                Bigelow musical- no rehearsal
March 21                rehearsal
March 28                rehearsal
April   4               rehearsal
April   11              CONCERT- 7:00 PM at BIGELOW MIDDLE SCHOOL
April 18                Vacation (no school)
April 25                Rehearsal
April 29                Concert with the New Philharmonia Orchestra at FIrst Baptist Church, Newton Centre

Members of the All-City Orchestra are expected to attend all rehearsals, recitals, and the concert, unless they are sick and absent from school that day.

Please call Mrs. Horwitz at 617-969-7298 to schedule an audition.  Please prepare a short solo of your choice. Kids should be ready to play scales in G, D, A, C, F, and B flat. All students should play
their scales in eighth note patterns with the metronome set at 100 (two notes per click)

Register at the Fine Arts Department website:

At your audition, you will be asked to sing pitches that are played on the piano, to test your ability to hear different notes.  You may also be asked to clap written rhythms, and to play unfamiliar music.  Members of the All-City Orchestra are expected to pass the Bigelow Middle School notereading test (name 12 notes of the treble clef from middle C to high G, scrambled, in under 20 seconds; or, 9 notes of the bass clef, from low G to top-line A in under 20 seconds.)

Members of the All-City Orchestra are required to take private lessons after school, and must agree to prepare their orchestra music to the best of their ability. They must also participate in all of the group activities.

I would like to have all my students learn two contrasting movements of a Baroque sonata, as soon as they are ready to do so.  That is standard audition fare in the music world, and having those contrasting movements under the fingers at all times will insure that a musician is always ready to audition for something, perform somewhere, or try out a new instrument. I suggest choosing from among the many sonatas by Marcello, Vivaldi, Corelli, and Handel.

The All-City Orchestra emphasizes ear training, following the baton,
ensemble playing, intonation, rhythm, and music history.  We will sing our parts as well as play them. We will have several recitals that students can sign up to play.  We will perform with the Newton North High School Orchestra, and will also present concerts with the New Philharmonia Orchestra and the All-City Band.

Thank you for your interest in the All-City Orchestra!

Concert Dress for the ACO is;
GIRLS- white blouse, black skirt, black shoes
BOYS- long-sleeved white dress shirt, black pants, black shoes, black socks, and black bow tie (we will provide the ties)  No sneakers, T shirts, polo shirts, shorts, or sandals will be allowed.  Please plan now for the first time your child needs concert dress.

If a child is absent and can't attend rehearsal, you must notify Mr. Livingston via email.  Otherwise, we will expect to see every child every week.

All members of the All-City Orchestra are expected to:
-take private lessons on their instrument
-play in their own school's ensemble
-attend all rehearsals and concerts (except for illness; then, notify Mr. Livingston)
-prepare the music to the very best of their ability

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Please email me if you have any questions

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