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Welcome to Mr. Livingston's
Music Pages for Bigelow Middle School.
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(updated June 18, 2017)  Please scroll all the way down the page because I keep adding things.
All the ensembles have ended, except for the Jazz Band.  
JAZZ BAND will perform during all three lunches on Monday, June 19, and will also play at Graduation on June 22.  So, the Jazz Band will continue to rehearse on Tuesday, June 20, and Thursday, June 22.
Here is the performing ensemble schedule for this week.
MONDAY, June 19 (Day 6) Orchestra.  The kids will watch the rest of "Over The Hedge"
TUESDAY, June 20 (Day 1) Jazz Band, Concert Band Pizza Lunch
WEDNESDAY. June 21 (Day 2) 8th graders to Canobie Lake; I will be on that trip; no instruments
THURSDAY, June 22 (Day 3) Jazz Band in the gym, Jazz Band at Graduation
FRIDAY, June 23 (Day 4) schedule TBA
All written work was due last Friday, and the final composition presentations will be Monday, June 19.
Please see the 6th grade and 7th grade packets for the music classes.  They can be found on the left side of the screen, at the bottom.  These packets contain all the information needed for the 6th grade and 7th grade music classes.
Please visit the individual page for your child's class or ensemble.
UPCOMING CONCERTS!  (also, please see the Upcoming Concerts page on this site)
Is your child on the Notereading Honor Roll?  Ask...?
Each instrument case MUST have a nametag on it!

Each child will be expected to play our ensemble music to the best of their ability. Please help your child set up a good routine as early as possible. Your child will need a metronome, a music stand, and a quiet place in the home for practice. Percussionists will also need a practice pad, and a stickbag for their
drumsticks and mallets.

Please note the concert dates on the Music Department Dates page, and make sure they get written on the family calendar.  Unlike elementary school, your child will receive a report card grade for Band or Orchestra.

DON'T MISS A CONCERT!  Students in band and orchestra receive a report card grade.  The concert is their term assessment.  Excused absences include illness or injury, and urgent family business.  Anything else is considered an unexcused absence.  If a student misses a concert for an unexcused reason, he or she will be called to the music room to play through the program in order to demonstrate preparation for the class, or, the report card grade will drop.
DRESS CODE for CONCERTS!  Please read this carefully!  Students play better, behave better, and feel better about themselves when they are dressed appropriately for special events.

BOYS: white, long-sleeved dress shirt and tie.  Dark pants and shined shoes.  The shirt must be tucked in.  NO T SHIRTS or SNEAKERS. Long ties, any color.  I have ties and we practice tying them in class.  All-City Orchestra boys wear black bow ties (I have them)

GIRLS: white blouse, any length sleeves.  Dark skirt (no minis!) or slacks.  Dark shoes.

These concert dress items could come from a top designer or a rummage sale; no one would ever know the difference.  The important thing is for your child to fit in with the group.  Musicians must blend in with the ensemble, and it starts before the music with the appearance of the group.
You can reach Mr. Livingston email-

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