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Welcome to Mr. Livingston's
Music Pages for Bigelow Middle School.
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(updated January 26, 2015)  Please scroll all the way down the page because I keep adding things.

A brand new quarter is under way this week!  Kids in the 6th and 7th grade music classes will be given a sheet to have signed and returned.  I will call the families who don't respond so I know that parents have the information.

Monday-Orchestra, no Theater Orchestra
Tuesday- no Jazz Band, no Band Concert
Wednesday- Symphonic Band, no All-City Orchestra
Thursday- Jazz Band, and Orchestra
Friday- Concert Band

Please visit the individual page for your child's class or ensemble.
MARY POPPINS THEATER ORCHESTRA- Rehearsals are on Mondays from 3-4 PM.
JUNIOR DISTRICT FESTIVAL- the information has been updated for 2015.  Please go the Junior District page.
Is your child on the Notereading Honor Roll?  Ask...?
Each instrument case MUST have a nametag on it!

Each child will be expected to play our ensemble music to the best of their ability. Please help your child set up a good routine as early as possible. Your child will need a metronome, a music stand, and a quiet place in the home for practice. Percussionists will also need a practice pad, and a stickbag for their
drumsticks and mallets.

Please note the concert dates on the Music Department Dates page, and make sure they get written on the family calendar.  Unlike elementary school, your child will receive a report card grade for Band or Orchestra.

DON'T MISS A CONCERT!  Students in band and orchestra receive a report card grade.  The concert is their term assessment.  Excused absences include illness or injury, and urgent family business.  Anything else is considered an unexcused absence.  If a student misses a concert for an unexcused reason, he or she will be called to the music room to play through the program in order to demonstrate preparation for the class, or, the report card grade will drop.

You can reach Mr. Livingston by...

or telephone- 617-559-6828

or by fax-  617-552-7752

(but email is best!)

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