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January Summary
27 April,2017By: Diana Guzzi
At the January meeting, the Bowen School Council began by activating their brains in a different way: by playing “Bowen School Council” Boggle!  Using the letters in “Bowen School Council,” teams of two or three tried to make as many words as possible in five minutes.  One team ended up with more than 30 words, and the longest word made by any team was 7 letters long.  And we found out which Council members have a competitive spirit!  

As the group moved on to look at the Family Survey, the focus was on answering the questions asked by respondents.  It was agreed that the goal is to create a balance between pointing people toward the information they are seeking and making sure that those asking questions are feeling heard and validated.  It is also important to encourage families to reach out to teachers and/or administration for more information if there are further questions.  The Council recognizes that this is a new process and first step, and that getting feedback on the first round of questions and answers would help us move forward in the future.  

Please remember that all Bowen School Council meetings are open to the Bowen community.  Feel free to join us!

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