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December Summary
13 January,2017By: Diana Guzzi
December School Council Meeting Summary

At the December meeting, the Bowen School Council began by sharing resolutions/goals for 2017.  Once again, opposite views on travel popped up, with “travel more” and “travel less” both making an appearance.  A popular goal was simply, “Try more things that scare you.”  That’s how we grow!  The group then discussed how to better engage a wider group of respondents, which led to some conversation about attendance at school-based meetings.  Thoughts about creating an online forum or a FAQ were shared, with the Council agreeing that answering questions raised through the Family Survey on a Bowen School FAQ document would demonstrate responsiveness and provide another entry point into the conversation about Bowen for a greater number of community members.  
At the January 27th meeting, the School Council will discuss the trends identified within the data from the Bowen Family Survey, as well as identify questions asked on the survey

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