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November Summary
9 December,2016By: Diana Guzzi
School Council November Meeting Summary
At this month’s meeting, the members of the Bowen School Council began by sharing what they are thankful for, both personally and professionally, at this time.  It is interesting to note that both “traveling for Thanksgiving” and “not traveling for Thanksgiving” were on the thankful list!  The group briefly discussed Bowen Back-to-School Night and the need to plan logistics for what the evening will look like in the spring, as the event itself takes place very shortly after the start of the new school year.  The next item on the agenda was to examine the data collected from the Bowen Family Survey to identify trends, patterns, and any questions that were raised by the responses.  One observation is that the results from this year were very similar to the results from last year, leading to the question of how we can better ensure that we are hearing from a wide range of voices.  Some topics raised by survey respondents as areas for suggested improvements/feedback were:
  • Homework - Bowen’s belief and approach
  • Traffic/Parking/Blue Zone
  • Physical Plant -playground, cafeteria  
  • Curriculum - level of challenge
  • Communication - consistency across classrooms
  • At the December 23rd meeting, the School Council will continue to look at the feedback from the Bowen Family Survey and identify reasonable topics for the group to discuss and issues to address this year.  Please remember that all Bowen School Council meetings are open to the Bowen community.  Feel free to join us!

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