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May Update
27 May,2016By: Diana Guzzi
Bowen School Council Meeting Summary

Agenda (5/20/16):

  • Community Builder
  • Bowen Update
  • Working Goals and Actions: Consistent Communication to Families (continued)

At this month’s meeting, the Bowen School Council began with a “silly sentences” activity around the theme of summer.  Believe it or not, we’re almost there!  Diana gave an update about school enrollment and building space usage.  Next year, Bowen will have 20 classrooms, with three sections of each grade level except for 3rd grade, which will have five sections.  Bowen will also be getting a cafeteria for the upcoming school year!  The current art room will be relocated, and the cafeteria will be in that space.  After that, the group refocused on its main topic, the evening formerly known as Curriculum Night.  The date for Bowen’s 2016 Back-to-School night is set for Thursday, September 15th, chosen based on the dates selected by Oak Hill and Newton South.  A small subgroup shared ideas about how the evening could better meet the needs of both staff and families.  Some thoughts included:

  • Renaming the event
  • Reframing the purpose as a community building experience, as well as a time for classroom expectations to be shared
  • Creating a separate evening/event for sharing specific instructional models (for example, partial-product multiplication) or deeper exploration of curriculum
  • Holding an adult event off-site directly after the presentations to further develop our community

The June School Council meeting will be used to fine-tune plans for Back-to-School Night, as well as a celebration of our year’s work.

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