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April Summary
11 April,2016By: Diana Guzzi
Bowen School Council - April Meeting Summary
At this month’s meeting, the Bowen School Council recognized the meeting date by sharing successful/fun April Fools’ Day jokes they have pulled.  The group has some creative minds!  The next item on the agenda was revisiting the conversation about Curriculum Night.  It is clear from the staff survey that Curriculum Night is the way Bowen staff “launches” the year and sets up expectations, so the Bowen School Council spent time brainstorming ideas and questions in order to hit the ground running for next year.  Some thoughts/ideas included:
  • “Rebranding” the evening to make the subject and importance of the evening clear
  • Getting the date out far in advance for family calendar planning  
  • Finding ways to make it easier for parents to attend (childcare, translators, ride sharing)
  • Have families RSVP in advance to track projected attendance; ask families why they are unable to attend
  • Create a poll to find out what parents value most about Curriculum Night (now)
  • Survey parents immediately after Curriculum Night to find out information about what works and what doesn’t
  • Staff members of School Council are creating a description of the topics they cover during Curriculum Night and sending these to the parent members so they can determine new/additional ways to engage parents in the evening.
  • The May School Council meeting on May 20th will be a review of the district/school budget.  

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