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March Summary
12 March,2016By: Diana Guzzi
Bowen School Council Summary - March

At this month’s meeting, the Bowen School Council began by identifying “commonalities” amongst the members of the group.  Each member chose one question to ask as many people as possible in order to identify trends and patterns.  The next business item was to review and summarize comments from the staff survey about how teachers communicate with families around curriculum, expectations, and homework because of comments shared on the family survey expressing inconsistency with teacher communication.  The staff survey looked not only at methods, but also at frequency of communication.  Two observations from the survey results were: 1) Curriculum Night is seen by the teachers as an extremely important method of sharing information about expectations and curriculum and 2) The majority of classroom teachers currently send newsletters to families either weekly or monthly.  The Council began to dig into the issue of Curriculum Night, as family attendance has recently been around 50-60% of families.  Some questions for further investigation include the idea of “rebranding” Curriculum Night in order to give a better sense of its purpose, tracking who does and does not attend Curriculum Night, and identifying barriers that keep people from attending Curriculum Night (childcare, translators, etc.) to see if there are steps Bowen can take to solve these issues.  The April Bowen School Council meeting will focus on budget review.

Upcoming School Council Meetings:
April 1st
May 20th
June 3rd

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