June 1, 2018
Announcements from the Principal
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4 June,2018By: Diana Guzzi
Bowen’s Weekly Family Update
June 1, 2018

Dear Bowen Families,
It is hard to believe it is June 1st!  With only three weeks left of school, we know June is filled with classroom and school events to celebrate the year.  We look forward to seeing many of you at concerts, publishing parties, classroom presentations, and color day… to name a few! Thank you again for everything you do to help your children develop and grow as learners.  Bowen is a great place to be!  Have a great weekend!
Yours truly,

News You Need to Know
Bowen PTO Leadership Needed
Earlier this week, the PTO leadership team announced that the PTO is in need of new leadership for the 2018-19 school year.  Bonnie will be stepping down after serving as Co-Chair of the PTO for two years and Chris will also be stepping down after serving as Co-Chair for more than three years!  I have valued working with both of them over the years.  Like them, I am also hopeful that this presents an exciting opportunity for new PTO leaders.
In addition to maintaining and expanding a strong sense of community between students, family and staff at Bowen, I would like to develop a stronger community partnership that focuses on science and technology.  PTO leadership focused on science and technology would complement other leadership teams and their work at Bowen.
With new PTO leadership we will continue to focus on emphasizing the importance of community with students and family, as well as develop a shared vision of how students experience science and technology at Bowen.  I hope this new focus will motivate you to join the PTO leadership to collaborate with me and our school community.  Please email me if you would like to speak more about this PTO leadership opportunity.

Keep Dismissal Safe!
Please join me in creating a safer dismissal routine.  In order to do so everyone must follow the dismissal and blue zone guidelines.  
Walking is a great solution for many of us during dismissal time to avoid the blue zone and bus traffic.  If you are walking, please be sure to cross in designated crosswalks, including the driveway crosswalk and the Cypress crosswalk directly in front of the school.  Do not cross in front of the bus, near the staff parking lot driveway, or cross Cypress Street at Bow Road.
How the Blue Zone works during afternoon pick-up:
  •  No car may enter the school driveway.  This is for buses and other authorized vehicles.
  • The first car to arrive at the Blue Zone must pull up as far as possible (to the driveway entrance/exit located next to the wooded area).
  • Each car must pull up directly behind the car in front of them.
  • Drivers must stay in the car.  Drivers may not exit the car to pick-up or greet a child.  
  • The children will cross to the Blue Zone at the designated crossing path painted on the driveway in front of the main entrance doors and walk down the sidewalk to meet their ride.
  • Student will wait for a Blue Zone pick-up on the sidewalk marked by the blue curb.
  • Students will load into the car once the car has come to a complete stop in the Blue Zone. Students may not load into the car in front of the school driveway, in the crosswalk, or on the street.
  • Students must be able to load into the car independently, as the driver must stay in the car. If children need assistance to get into the car, the driver must park in a legal spot outside of the Blue Zone.
  • Once the child is properly belted in the car, carefully pull out of the Blue Zone. Please use caution and remember that there are other cars traveling on Cypress Street.
  • Cars must continue on Cypress Street to Parker Street.  There are no U-turns allowed.
  • Cars that continue to wait for a child should move forward, there should be no gaps between cars.
  • If you want to use the Blue Zone, you must follow the Blue Zone procedures.   It is also important that you communicate your pick-up plan with your child and teacher.  Students must be able to independently use the Blue Zone.  Older siblings can pick-up younger siblings and walk them to the Blue Zone.  If your child is not able to use the Blue Zone independently or with a sibling, you must park in a legal parking space and walk to Bowen.  It is essential that all families follow the procedures and communicate these expectations to any other caregiver.
  • Thank you for your help by following the Blue Zone procedures.  The Blue Zone can be a very effective system as long as we work together.
  • Parking
  • The best place to park during dismissal is on Langley Path, then walk to the front of the school to pick up your child.  This is a safer parking option and alleviates traffic on Cypress Street and Jackson.
  • Are You Moving Before September?
  • As we started the placement process for the upcoming school year there have been some conversations that students have shared with teachers about potentially moving before the next school year.  If you are planning to move out of the Bowen district prior to September 2018, please inform the office and the classroom teacher as soon as possible.  This will help us gather the required information to share with the new school as well as help us to create more accurate class placements for the upcoming school year.
  • Color Day Volunteers Needed!   
  • Bowen needs help on Color Day.  Color Day is Bowen’s field day where students participate in fun and cooperative physical activities.   We need volunteers to help with these events.  Color Day is Tuesday, June 5th (rain date: Tuesday, June 12th).   Volunteers are needed from 8:15AM to approximately 12:15PM.   If you would like to volunteer, please make sure that your CORI/SORI is up to date (you can check with Mrs. Megrian in the Bowen office).   Contact Lina Yoshida at lyoshida@gmail.com to volunteer for Color Day.
  • Crossing Guard and Bus Driver Appreciation
  • There are many people who help you get to school safely. How often do we thank them?  On Friday June 8, we will show our crossing guards and bus drivers how much we appreciate their help. Please make a thank you note and give it on your way to school on Friday, June 8th to to any of the following people who help you get to school safely: Roman Baran in front of the school, Lorin Amendola at Cypress and Jackson, Ellen Fiore at Langley Path and/or Susan Barish at Parker and Daniel.  Or perhaps you take the bus with: Jean Max, Bob Vanaria and Monique Houston.  Your note can be simple: "Thanks for helping me get to school safely!"  They will appreciate it so much!
  • Back to School Night 2018
  • It’s not too early to plan for next year!  Bowen’s Back to School Night will be held on Wednesday, September 12th.  More details to come in the fall!
  • Next Week at Bowen School...
  • Mark Your Calendar!
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Color Day
  • Wednesday
  • 5th grade band and chorus concert, 7 p.m.
  • Thursday
  • 4th and 5th grade band and orchestra concert, 9:30 a.m.
  • Friday
  • Crossing guard and bus driver appreciation day
  • 4th grade biography presentations, 8:30 a.m.
  • 3rd grade recorder concert, 8:45 a.m.
  • K field trip, Franklin Park Zoo
  • 5th grade step up day, Oak Hill
  • Reminders - Upcoming Events
  • 6/9/18 - 5th grade carwash
  • 6/13/18 - Incoming K Picnic, 5:00 - 6:15 p.m.
  • 6/20/18 - Progress reports available online for families
  • 6/21/18 - 5th grade ceremony, 1:30 p.m. & 5th grade celebration, 3:00 p.m.
  • 6/22/18 - Last day of school for students, 12:00 dismissal
  • 6/25/18 - Last day of school for staff

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