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4 June,2018By: Diana Guzzi
Dear Bowen Families,
I hope your family has enjoyed the year at Bowen.  My year has been filled with highlights of visiting students in classrooms and other experiences throughout the school.  Students exhibit a sense of pride and excitement every day!

Earlier this week, the PTO leadership team announced that the PTO is in need of new leadership for the 2018-19 school year.  Bonnie will be stepping down after serving as Co-Chair of the PTO for two years and Chris will also be stepping down after serving as Co-Chair for more than three years!  I have valued working with both of them over the years.  Like them, I am also hopeful that this presents an exciting opportunity for new PTO leaders.

In addition to maintaining and expanding a strong sense of community between students, family and staff at Bowen, I would like to develop a stronger community partnership that focuses on science and technology.  PTO leadership focused on science and technology would complement other leadership teams and their work at Bowen, for example:

  • Bowen School Council (members include parents, staff and a community member):  The focus of their work is creatively engage families in school initiatives to increase involvement, connectedness and support, specifically Responsive Classroom and mathematics
  • Bowen Community Coalition (members include Bowen staff):  The focus of their work is to enhance equity, engagement, connectedness, and awareness of diversity amongst all members of the Bowen Community with a focus on historically underserved students, families and staff.
  • The Bowen Responsive School Team (members include Bowen staff):  The Bowen Responsive Schools Team, in conjunction with the Newton Public Schools Department of Social and Emotional Learning, focuses on creating and maintaining a school-wide behavior plan that provides clear, consistent and predictable expectations for students and staff across all grade levels and learning spaces.  The goal is to create a culture that represents the Bowen School Core Values and internalizes the Responsive Classroom Guiding Principles, using the Responsive Schools approach along with best teaching practices.
  • With new PTO leadership we will continue to focus on emphasizing the importance of community with students and family, as well as develop a shared vision of how students experience science and technology at Bowen.  I hope this new focus will motivate you to join the PTO leadership to collaborate with me and our school community.  Please email me if you would like to speak more about this PTO leadership opportunity.
  • “Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” (Mattie Stepanek)
  • Yours truly,
  • Diana

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