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8 January,2018By: Diana Guzzi

Dear Bowen Families,

I hope you have found time to enjoy the wintry weather... despite shoveling the snow after the storm.  After being in the house for 4 days, I was anxious to return to school, however, the traffic and some horns on Cypress street and in the Blue Zone made the reopening of school more challenging at arrival and dismissal today.  I am asking for your help to ensure that morning arrival and afternoon dismissal are safe for all members of our school community this week.  Here are a few guidelines to follow:

Walk to school or walk part of the way to school, if you feel the sidewalks in your neighborhood are safe.  The city has worked tirelessly to clear the snow around our school, including our sidewalks and Blue Zone.  By walking to school, you will help reduce some of the traffic in front of the building.

Carpool.  This will also help reduce traffic around school.

If possible, park on Jackson Street or Langley Path.  If you are driving to school and must park your car, please use Jackson Street and Langley Path to park safely.  Due to the snow, most streets are very narrow, including Cypress Street. Parking on Cypress Street will create a bottleneck effect when cars are leaving the Blue Zone.
Do not park in identified “no parking zones”, including the wooded area on Cypress Street just past Bowen.  It is illegal and prevents traffic from moving.

Use the Blue Zone safely.  When using the Blue Zone, be very cautious when approaching and when leaving.  After using it, continue straight towards Parker Street.  Do not turn around at Bow Road or make any U turns.  In addition to being very dangerous, these are also traffic violations.

If possible, enter Cypress Street from Jackson Road.  To help keep traffic moving safely, please do not enter from Parker Street.  It is challenging to have two cars pass, especially during arrival and dismissal.

Cross with a designated Crossing Guard.  The snowdrifts and piles of snow make it difficult to see pedestrians stepping off the sidewalk.  Our Crossing Guards will ensure that everyone crosses safely.
Be patient, plan accordingly, give yourself some extra time to get to school and travel safely.

Your help in following these guidelines will assist us in keeping our community safe.  I appreciate your patience and your support.  I look forward to seeing you at Bowen.

Yours truly,
Diana Guzzi, Principal

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