June 22, 2017
Announcements from the Principal
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22 June,2017By: Diana Guzzi
Bowen News
June 22, 2017
Dear Bowen Families,
Even though last Friday was the final “official” newsletter of the 2016-2017 school year, we had a couple of reminders and some information we wanted to share before we all make a break for it and run off into summer!  Luckily, this also gives me the opportunity to write one final newsletter introduction in my role as Bowen Assistant Principal, as I will be moving from Bowen to Countryside in the fall.  The past four years here at Bowen have been wonderful -- not just a great learning opportunity for me as an educator, but a truly enjoyable experience getting to know everyone who is part of the Bowen community.  Thank you to everyone for your collaboration, support, and willingness to do everything possible to help make Bowen the amazing place that it is!  It has been a true pleasure watching your children learn and grow over my time here at Bowen, and I will miss their smiling, enthusiastic faces!  I firmly believe that an elementary school is a special place for everyone who is lucky enough to spend time in one, and I know that Bowen will continue to be a place where children and adults have great times together.  Thank you for everything!
Yours truly,
News You Need to Know
Last Day of School...Tomorrow!!
Friday, June 23rd is a half-day of school, with dismissal at 12:00 p.m.  We look forward to wishing everyone a happy start to summer break at that time!
Progress Reports
Progress reports were made available online to families on Wednesday, June 21st.  If you are having trouble accessing your child’s progress report, please let us know so we can help!
Staffing Updates
With the end of each school year, we find ourselves bidding farewell to some of our Bowen staff as they move on to new and exciting endeavors both within and outside of Newton.  We wish each and every one of these valued community members the very best!  Thank you to Alyssa Arzola, Tiffany Back, Mary Berkley, Renée Cebra, Ted DeColo Laura DiBenedetti, Brenda Dolan, Fran Early, Danielle Engel, Jacqui Hannon, Annalee Lopez, Susan Marble, Ollie MacFadden Donna Mason, Noriko Ohkami, Danielle Pargoli, Ashley Roth, Lynne Tabor, Jane Walsh, and Lauren Werth.  Your contributions to Bowen will not be forgotten!
Reminders - Upcoming Events
  • Thursday, 8/31 - Family Classroom Visits (10:00-10:30 a.m.)
  • Monday, 9/4 - No School
  • Tuesday, 9/5 - First Day of School for Students 1-5; Kindergarten Group A only
  • Wednesday, 9/6 - First Day of School for Kindergarten Group B only
  • Thursday, 9/6 - Both Group A & Group B Kindergarten attend
  • Wednesday, 9/13 - Bowen’s “Back to School” Night

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