November 10, 2016
Announcements from the Principal
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14 November,2016By: Diana Guzzi
Bowen News
November 10, 2016

Dear Bowen Families,
It’s a special Thursday edition!  As we well know, a short week doesn’t usually mean any less of a busy week, and that was certainly true once again.  Especially with the hubbub of the election smack in the middle of it!  We know that everyone is looking forward to a long weekend to kick back and relax a bit, and we really hope that you make time to do just that.  Have fun with family, connect with friends, and recharge for the week ahead.  We are always grateful for everything you do to support your children and the work we do here at school.  Bowen is a great place to be!
Yours truly,
Diana & Tiffany
News You Need to Know
A Message from Superintendent David Fleishman
On Wednesday afternoon, Dr. Fleishman sent out a message to all Newton Public Schools staff members with some thoughts and reflections about Tuesday’s election results.  We would like to share some of his comments with the Bowen community.
“Given the polarizing nature of the election, many of our students do not know what to expect. There are students who may express fear, dismay and concern for their future and we need to support them. Others may be enthusiastic about the result and we need to protect their right to express their views.
One of my concerns about our national discourse is that we have lost our ability to engage in thoughtful dialogue about serious issues in a respectful manner. While we do not have control over what happens at the national level, we can create a culture in our schools that is respectful and supportive.”
We have been working hard to create and maintain a safe and supportive environment here at Bowen, and we know that we are supported in this at the district level.  Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.
Crossing Guards & Blue Zone
It has come to our attention that the crossing guards who support Bowen (in front of the school, at the corner of Cypress and Daniel, and at Parker Street) have been dealing with some vehicular challenges while crossing students at those points.  Safety is the number one priority for all of us who work with Bowen students, and our crossing guards provide a key service.  Please be mindful and respectful of their signals.  We are often all in a hurry, but that does not mean we can ignore their directions.  Thank you for your support in keeping kids safe!
Next Week at Bowen School...
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