November 4, 2016
Announcements from the Principal
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7 November,2016By: Diana Guzzi
Bowen News
November 4, 2016

Dear Bowen Families,
Believe it or not, today is Day 41 of the school year!  (We’re sure all of our Kindergarten and 1st Grade classrooms knew that already.)  As we wrap up the “official” conference period, we know that everyone around here has many, many ideas for activities that will fit right into those precious time slots.  There is a LOT going on here at Bowen each and every day!  Good thing we have that “extra hour” when we turn the clocks back this weekend.  (Well, it’s a little something!)  Thank you so much for everything you do to support your children and the staff here at Bowen as we work together to help your children learn and grow.  Have a wonderful weekend, and we will see you on Monday!!
Yours truly,
Diana & Tiffany
News You Need to Know
Whole-School Assembly
Today we gathered as a school during the Bowen Community Block for an assembly planned, organized, and run by our 5th grade classrooms.  Students worked together to make posters describing ways to “choose kind” and shared about the importance of showing respect and kindness to all members of the Bowen community.  These will be put up around the school to help everyone remember to be kind.  Our whole-school assembly was a great way to start a Friday morning!
Bowen Phone Numbers to Know
Did you know that if you need to get in touch with Ms. Rosen, our school nurse, you can reach her directly?  Her direct office number is 617-559-9335. If Ms. Rosen is unavailable at the moment of your call, you will be able to leave a message on her voicemail so she can get back to you.  
Another important number to know is the Student Call Back line.  If you know your child or children will be absent, please call 617-559-9350 and leave a message with your child’s name, grade, and teacher.  We check this line every morning and compare it to the attendance lists sent down by the classroom teachers.  If you leave a message for us, that saves us a phone call home!

Bowen School Council Meeting Summary
At this month’s meeting, the Bowen School Council began the year by taking a moment to share council members’ “hopes & dreams” for the school year ahead.  It was clear that everyone at the table is very interested and invested in figuring out tangible ways to help Bowen continue to grow and improve!  The next item on the agenda was a carryover item from last year about improving consistent communication between classrooms and families through a restructuring of Bowen’s Curriculum Night (called Back-to-School Night this year).  The group discussed the feedback received after this year’s event.  Some themes included:
  • Having more time available in the classrooms with the teacher
  • Finding a way to provide childcare for families in attendance
  • Creating a more structured way for families to connect with specialists and other Bowen staff members
  • Letting the PTO visit individual classrooms for a bit of “face time” instead of the whole-group meeting in the auditorium
  • Developing a process to determine the actual attendance for the evening
  • The goal is to have a plan in place before the end of this school year so that any changes can be implemented for the 2017-2018 school year.  
  • At the November 18th meeting, the School Council will look at the Bowen Family Survey results and use the information to set goals and action steps for their work this year.
  • Online Lunch Menus and More!
  • Looking for more information about school lunches?  Wondering what is on the menu for any given day?  Check out Sodexo’s website for Newton at
  • Field Trips & Sodexo Lunches
  • We are happy to share that Sodexo is now able to provide a cold lunch option for ANY student on the day of a field trip.  If families would like to take advantage of this opportunity, they can notify the classroom teacher no later than two days prior to the field trip.  This will allow the office to share a total number count with Sodexo.  The cold lunches will be dropped off the day of the field trip in a brown bag.  This is not only a great option for families to take advantage of, but it also allows us to ensure all students will have access to lunch that day!
  • Private School Applications
  • We understand that families are already thinking about placement for next year, including pursuing private school options.  While we would love for our families to continue in the Newton Public Schools, we also understand how thoughtful you are when considering whether to enroll your children in private school.  Most of our requests apply specifically to transitioning from elementary school to middle school.  We ask that families reach out to the office and the homeroom teachers when they know they plan to submit applications to private schools.  Providing advance notice to the school allows us time to organize application materials and student records, as well as complete thoughtful personalized recommendations.  All completed applications will be sent directly from Bowen or submitted electronically by Bowen staff.  Application materials are not returned directly to families.
  • Next Week at Bowen School...
  • Mark Your Calendar!
  • Monday
  • Responsive Home Workshop - Newton Education Center, Room 210 (6:30-8:30 p.m.)
  • Tuesday
  • 12:30 p.m. dismissal
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Friday, 11/11 - No School (Veterans Day)
  • Reminders - Upcoming Events
  • Friday, 11/18 - Bowen School Council (7:30 a.m.)
  • Wednesday, 11/23 - Early Release (12:00 p.m. dismissal)
  • Thursday, 11/24 - No School (Thanksgiving)
  • Friday, 11/25 - No School (Thanksgiving break)
  • Thursday, 12/1 - Responsive Home Workshop - Newton Education Center, Room 210 (6:30-8:30 p.m.)
  • Thursday, 12/8 - Early Release (12:30 p.m. dismissal)

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