Bowen Walks the Walk
Announcements from the Principal
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21 October,2016By: Diana Guzzi
Good Afternoon Bowen Families,

You may have seen the rainy weather forecast for Friday and wondered about our "Bowen Walks the Walk" event.  We wanted to let you know that if it is not raining, everyone here at Bowen will be outside walking on the Upper Field between 8:45-9:15 am.  Since it is supposed to rain overnight and the ground will be wet, you may want to send an extra pair of dry socks and/or shoes to school with your child.  If it IS actually raining, each grade level will participate in an active-body indoor activity.  The indoor/outdoor decision will be made around 8:00 am tomorrow.

Thanks for your cooperation and support!
Diana and Tiffany

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