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Seventh Grade Social Studies
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Mr. LaBrache
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The Legacy of Ancient Rome
Unit Study Guide

Below are the topics that we have covered over the past three months while studying Rome. Make sure that you have all the sheets and that you understand the key topics that are discussed below.

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How did geography help Rome establish a great empire in the Mediterranean region?
1)      Map Quiz: The Geography of Italy and Rome
2)      Influences on Early Rome

What is the story behind Rome being founded?
1)      Influences on Early Rome

How did the Etruscans influence the Romans?

1)      Influences on Early Rome

What were some details about early Roman government (republic): patricians, plebeians, tribunes, consuls, dictator, Council of Plebeians, Senate, Twelve Tables

1)      “Struggle” article
2)      “The Rise of the Republic” sheet
How did Rome expand into the Mediterranean region: Punic Wars, Sicily, Carthage, Hannibal, Scipio, Saguntum, Gaul, Macedonia, Philip V, Britain, Egypt, Syria, Asia Minor, Tyre, Middle East
1)      “Roman Expansion: Reading Comprehension Questions”
2)      Punic War chart
3)       “Roman Expansion” questions from the text
4)       “Assassinate” vocab list

What problems were associated with Roman expansion: farmers, slaves, taxes, government corruption, selfishness, Gracchus Brothers’ reforms
1)      “The Fall of The Roman Republic: The Causes” chart
2)      “Roman Expansion: and the Fall of the Republic” questions
3)      “Ops vs. Pops” sheet

How did the Roman Republic become the Roman Empire: Julius Caesar, reforms, assassination, Augustus, Pax Romana, dynasties, “good” emperors, Nero, Trajan, Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius
1)      “The Early Empire” outline
2)      “Ops vs. Pops” sheet
3)      “The Roman Empire: Four Emperors” sheet

What were the social classes of people in Rome?
1) “Life in Rome: Classroom Outline”
What was the economic situation of Ancient Rome?
1)      “Let’s Talk Economics” notes
2)      Map Exercise: The Roman Empire
3)      Economy of Rome outline
How and why did the western Roman Empire decline?
1)      “The Emperors During Rome’s Decline” notes
2)      The “Decline of Rome” sheets
3)       “Christianity and the Fall of Rome” outline