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Dear Families,

I hope you are enjoying a restful summer.  If you are visiting this page, you've probably learned that I will be your child's teacher and I have learned that your child will be my student.  I look forward to meeting you soon and getting to know more about you and your first grader over the coming months.  I am prepared for a year filled with many successes and plan to build those successes in partnership with you.  

I will be out on maternity leave starting sometime in September and plan to return after the New Year. Mr. Morris and I have worked hard to find a substitute to keep the momentum of our class going while I am away. In addition, Mrs. Gilbert will know all our classroom routines and expectations and will be able to help reduce in any confusion when the substitute and I transition.

The students in our classroom will begin the year building a strong foundation for our classroom community, while defining individual hopes and dreams through a parallel, complimentary process.  I anticipate working closely with you to support your first grader as these goals are accomplished.  In addition, I want you to know that it is both my personal and professional goal to ensure that your child feels a sense of belonging, significance, and fun in my classroom.  In other words: your child will be missed when they are not present; your child's individuality and contributions are important and valuable; and our classroom will be fun, even through our most difficult challenges.  

I welcome you to be in touch often as we share a wonderful first grade experience at Memorial-Spaulding!

Fall Housekeeping
I have prepared important information about starting the school year.  Please visit the 2018 Back to School Information page before the start of school. Also, fill out the Student Dismissal Form, 2018 Family Questionnaire, and My Kind of Mind pages.  This will ensure a smooth start to the year.  Lastly, please make note of the Checklist for the First Day of School below.


Mrs. Martland (Bliss)
Classroom Teacher, Grade 1
Memorial-Spaulding Elementary School

Checklist for the First Day of School
__  $25 in an envelope with your child's teacher's name and your child's name on it for materials
__   Completed Student Dismissal Form
__   Completed 2018 Family Questionnaire
__   Completed My Kind of Mind form
__   One healthy snack for your child's first day of school

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