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-What comes first - ELL homework or classroom homework;
- What to do if you have left your binder at school;
- what to do if you don't know how to complete an assignment;
-what to do if you were unable to
complete your homework on time
ELL schedule
By October 1st, each 1st and 2nd-year ELL learner recieved a slip with the ELL schedule. A copy of this slip is supposed to be taped to the students' desks in their mainstream classrooms, (or stored in an easliy accesible place, if there is no assigned seats in the room), so that they can easly see when it is time to go to the ELL lesson. We try to teach the students to be independent and responsible for their learning, therefore, we put a responsibility of coming to the ELL lesson on time on a student hoping for the classroom teacher's help.
Dates to remember
MELA-O testing period: Oct.1 - Oct.31
MEPA testing period: Oct.22 - Oct.29
Principal's Coffee: Nov.2 at 8:45am
Thanksgiving Recess begins on  Nov. 21 at 12:30pm
Veteran's Day: Nov. 12 - NO SCHOOL!

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