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                        ELL homework is given to all 1st-year and 2nd-year students who come to the ELL room for their lessons. At the end of each class, students record their homework        assignments in their ELL Binder on the special hot (bright) pink page, the top page of their Binder.

* What comes first: ELL homework or classroom homework?
                - Generally, for the 1st year ELL students, ELL homework comes first    and classroom teachers agree with it. However,students should try to complete as much of their MATH homework as possible.

* What to do if you left your binder at school?
                - You need to do your best in completing the parts of the assignment that are not contained in the Binder, for example, completing the pages from the Explode the Code book or reading the next chapter/pages from the book you are currently assigned, or practicing your spelling words on a piece of paper. If all your assignments are in your binder, please bring a note from your parents, explaining that you did your best in preparing for the class.

* What to do if you don't know how to complete an assignment?
- You will need to demonstrate that you have done your best in trying to complete the task. For example, you don't know some    words in the Explode the Code book - write a question mark next to this word/picture; you do not know how to answer a question for the reading chapter - at least start your answer using the words from the question (echoing the question).

                * What to do if you were not able to complete your homework on time?
- Please bring a note from your parents.

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Hot (bright) pink page is always the very first thing that you see when you open the binder: every day at the end of the class students check mark (a) the lines in the list of possible homework activities that apply to the current day.

This is what it looks like:


Date ____________
q       Read the Personal Word Wall
q       Practice spelling (lavender pages)
q       Add today’s new words to the list
             and review yesterday’s words
q       Do ____ words in Blue Pages
q       Worksheets in the ELL Binder:    
             pp. ______
q       *Explode the Code: pp. ________
q       *Beyond the Code: pp. ________
q       *Clues to Meaning: pp. _________
q       *Newcomer Phonics: pp. _______
q       Read  ______________________
                         * Student books.

HOMEWORK SECTION contains current assignments, such as:
                                                 s worksheets;   
                                                s texts;
                                                s Take-home phonics books;
                                                s lavender page for spelling practice

 r Please remember to check if there are any other tasks to be completed in the student books (marked with *)!

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Notes on Current Homework

October 22 - October 26:


Read your Personal Word Wall words every day, other than that...


This is a MEPA testing week,
which means that there is NO homework for
those who take this test.


Interview your parents about this website.
Dear parents, if you do not have time tonight, you may browse the site later this week.


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