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What should I say when we are reading together?

        Why did you choose this book?

        Is this book too hard, too easy, or just right for you? How do you know?        

        Haven't we read a similar story in Russian [Spanish, Chinese, etc.] before?

        What do you think will happen next? Which part of the text makes you think that?


        Does this book remind you of anything that has ever happened to you?

        What have you been wondering as you read this?

        Were there any words or phrase in you reading that you really liked? Which ones?

        What has been your favorite part of the book so far? Why?

        Was there a part of the book that surprised you? Why?

        Would you like to read another book by this same author? Why or why not?

        Can you think of someone else you know who would like this book? Why?

        Where there any places in the book that had you confused? Did you reread to help you understand?
        Modified from Beyond Leveled Books: Supporting Transitional Readiers in Grades 2-5 by Karen Szymusiakk and Franki Sibberson


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