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Homework  Section

Assignment page - hot (bright) pink page is always the very first thing that you see when you open the binder: every day at the end of the class students checkmark (a) the lines in the list of possible homework activities that apply to the current day.

This is what it looks like:


Date ____________
q       Read the Personal Word Wall
q       Practice spelling (lavender pages)
q       Add today’s new words to the list
             and review yesterday’s words
q       Do ____ words in Blue Pages
q       Worksheets in the ELL Binder:    
             pp. ______
q       *Explode the Code: pp. ________
q       *Beyond the Code: pp. ________
q       *Clues to Meaning: pp. _________
q       *Newcomer Phonics: pp. _______
q       Read  ______________________
                         * Student books.

HOMEWORK SECTION contains current assignments, such as:
                                                 s worksheets;   
                                                s texts;
                                                s Take-home phonics books;
                                                s lavender page for spelling practice

 r Please remember to check if there are any other tasks to be completed in the student books (marked with *)!

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