"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."                         -Pablo Picasso




Dear Memorial Spaulding Families,                                 

Welcome back to school! I am thrilled to be back at Memorial Spaulding for my ninth year teaching your lovely children! I look forward to a great year of discovery as we learn about artists and art from around the world, an array of creative endeavors including drawing, painting, building and collage.  It is my goal to work together with your child to make art class an experience where he or she will learn and grow in a thoughtful, inquisitive and joyful way.  We create in lots of different ways in the art room, allowing your child to find his or her voice in the arts, while also learning skill sets with different media, and becoming a 21st century learner.

 Here are the expectations and goals that I have for all the children at Memorial Spaulding in art class: In the art room we have one rule or guideline: respect. We learn about how to respect each other as artists and how to respect ourselves as artists. We learn about respecting the artistic process, as well as respecting our materials and using them in a safe way, and respecting and taking care of our beautiful art studio. We also learn about how to live the system-wide core value of Respect for Human Differences through learning about different art styles and artists as well as learning from each other. It is my expectation that students will be able to use the time we share to its full potential and in a productive way!


As a reminder- please do not send your child to school on his or her art day in special clothes- making art can sometimes be messy!


If you are interested in helping hang artwork or have any questions, please stop by room 232 or email me at: Alexandra_Etscovitz@newton.k12.ma.us


The art room could also use the following donations if possible:


Baby Wipes (these are amazing for cleaning the art room and hands!)         

Paper Towels                                                              Kleenex

Hand held mirrors for self-portraits                          Purell

Colored Sharpies                                                    Clorox Wipes

Colored copy paper                                                  Magazines




Thank you!


              -Alexandra Etscovitz  J