Below are some examples of artwork we make in fifth grade.  Projects are ever-changing as we continue to explore in new and exciting ways.

                                                Plaster Masks
 Using their imagination and many recycled materials, fourth grade artists created a variety of masks.  First students used many different materials including tin foil, chipboard and plastic containers to create an armature. Students then wrapped their mask in plaster, then painting with bright colored acrylic paint.

                                   Georgia O’Keeffe Value Flowers
       Students learned about Georgia O’Keeffe and her life.  They learned about how photography affected her artwork and her use of “bleeding” and zooming into her subjects, very often flowers.  Artists studied their own flowers, using their skills to create depth and zooming into the textures and shapes of the flower.  After drawing, students then chose a color from the color wheel to paint their flower.  Students then made a value scale to create different shades of their color with mixing in white paint. Students painted their flowers while realizing that value creates depth and perspective.

                                                           Pop Art Images
Students studied the artwork of Andy Warhol.  We discussed how Warhol used the interplay of pop culture and artistic elements such as repetition as inspiration for his work.  Students then chose their own image that
they felt was a symbol "of the times" and used both bright colors and reptition to create their own Warhol-inspired pieces.

                                    Ceramic Tile Project
Fifth grade artists used clay techniques to create a personality tile.  The tile represented an interest
or an object that helped the viewer learn something about their personality.  Students then painted
the tile with watercolor.

                                        Papier-Mache Animals
Fifth grade artists brainstormed their favorite animals and then built an armature to create the inner structure
using recyclable materials.  Students then used newspaper and papier-mache glue to build their animal, and
then painted their sculptures!


                                            Greek Amphora
 Fifth graders studied and observed historical Greek vases.  Students then made drawings of their own
vessels, while thinking about different subjects that were portrayed on the ancient Greek vessels. 
Students then built an armature of what they wanted their amphora to look like, using soda bottles and
newspapers and tape.  Students then started to cover their armatures with newspaper soaked in paste
which was made from flour and water.  After many messy, paste-filled days, students create strong vessels. 
Students then painted their vessels using traditional colors of black, gold and copper paints, creating a
beautiful amphora of their own.
                                                Owl Prints
 Fifth graders studied owls in science class. In art class, students learned how to draw the textures of
an owl.  Students learned how to portray feathers in perspective and how to create depth.  After drawing
owls, students transferred their owl drawings to owl prints, printed in black ink to create their beautiful owls.

                                Architecture Studies and Fantasy Building
      Students studied different types of architecture from arches, to domes to different types of windows. With their
 knowledge, students created their own fantasy building including a radial window, unique doors and roof options as well.