Below are some examples of artwork we make in fourth grade.  Projects are ever-changing as we continue to explore in new and exciting ways.

                                                       Sunflower Prints and Paintings
Fourth grade artists studied sunflowers and how lines and shapes  create different and often unpredictable petals.  We used the printmaking technique by carving the prints and then printing with colored inks on colored papers. Students then accentuated their sunflower prints by using colored pencils.  Students often also have the opportunity to paint their draiwngs using blending techniques.
                                                     Pop Art Leaves
Fourth grade artists studied the Pop Art movement and specifically Andy Warhol's prints.   Students went outside and collected leaves and observed the leaves and their structures, textures and form.  Students then used reptition and bright colors to create their very own Pop Art Leaf Paintings.


                               Fauvism at Memorial-Spaulding
Fourth grade artists have created artwork inspired by Fauvism which in French means “wild beast.” Students learned that refers to the idea that these artists were very wild and different.  Students then created their own Fauvist paintings, by starting to sketch outdoors as they observe the Memorial-Spaulding landscape.  Students then painted their drawings with fluorescent colors, using different colors than expected including blue trees, purple skies and pink slides.  Students then adding a sharpie outline and finally, added a shiny acrylic varnish to seal their work toadd a glossy finish. 
                                                     Flower Collages
  Students observed flowers and used brightly colored construction paper. They created beautiful collage
s on black paper which created high contrast.

                                                Doodle Art
  Students created "controlled doodles" with thick and thin sharpies thinking about balance within their composition.

                                                    Animal Portraits
Artists studied the textures of animals in photographs of their chosen animal.  Students used lines to create
realistic texture in their drawings. Students then transferred their drawing onto “Scratch Foam” to create a
plate to print.  After printing with black ink onto colored construction paper, students cut out their animal
prints.  Students then created an environment for their animals using crayon and watercolors.

 Students read the book  ZOOM , a book that has no words, but rather images that are slowly, page by page zoomng
out from one image to another. Students then created six frames of their own zooming images. Some students chose
to zoom in, some chose to zoom out and some chose to depict both within their six frames.
Students learn how to
create containers using slab, coil, carving and connecting techniques to create unique vessels!

Crazy Containers
 Students learn how to create containers using slab, coil, carving and connecting techniques to create unique vessels!