Below are some examples of artwork we make in ist grade.  Projects are ever-changing as we continue to explore in new and exciting ways.


Warm Trees, Cool Breeze
Students learned about the changing leaves and warm and cool colors.  Students drew tree trunks using brown crayons and used warm colors (red, orange and yellow) to depict colored leaves on the trees.  Students then painted with cool colored watercolors (green, blue and purple) on top of the crayon, creating a watercolor crayon masterpiece.


Warm and Cool Color Bugs
    Students studied the shapes of bugs and insects and then drew them with pencil. Students then chose to make their bug either "very cool" or "very hot" by using the warm or cool colors. Students used cray pas to create this affect.  They then chose their background to be the opposite set of colors which created  high contrast in their work.


Watercolor Line Exploration
Students learned about different types of lines, watercolor techniques.  Using watercolors and watercolor paper, students explored with this media, as well as discovering new ways to alter compositon, by moving their papers, overlapping and bleeding off the page.


Picasso Portraits
     First grade artists studied the work of the famous Pablo Picasso. We looked specifically at his cubist period. First graders observed the artwork of Picasso and found shapes, colors and also realized that while the objects were "silly" or not real looking, they were recognizable. Students learned about how Picasso played with the ideas of a profile line, the composition of a face and cube-like shapes including squares, rectangles and triangles. Students created their own cubist self-portrait using profile lines cubist shapes and enjoyed the scrambling of their composition.

Still Life Flowers
     Students looked at fresh flowers and by using their observational skills used pencils and sharpies to depict them.  After learning watercolor techniques, student then painted their still life drawings.


Clay Turtles in their Habitats

     Students used their experience making a pinch pot, and learned how to attach clay pieces together, to make a turtle out of clay.  Students added texture and paint, and then using paper building, students then created a special habitat for their turtle to live in.


Texture House Drawings
    Students  think about all of the details that make ta house special. Students made drawings using details and texture to create portraits of the houses using crayons and watercolor.

3D Collages
     Students learned about how to make paper become three-dimensional by using accordian folds, curling techniques and other approaches to making paper come alive.

Jim Dine Hearts
     Students studied artwork by Jim Dine. Students then learned how to make a grid and filled their grid with colorful hearts, considering both negative and positive space.


Magic-Color Bugs

Students created beautiful three-dimensional bugs using “Changeable” markers to create colorful wings.  Students then used Model Magic (a soft type of clay) to create these bugs.


Henri Matisse Collages
     Students studied the artwork of French artist Henri Matisse.  Students then used scissors and colored construction paper to create beautiful collages filled with various colors and shapes.


Self Portraits

     Students used observational skills and new techniques to create images of themselves through drawing and painting.