Below are some examples of artwork we make in second grade.  Projects are ever-changing as we continue to explore in new and exciting ways.


                                From Petal to Root Portraits
    Second grade artists study seeds in their classrooms. In art we have made the connection between this science unit to create our own flowerportraits, with a view of the underground roots of the flower all the way up to the flower in bloom.
Students learned about weaving and how cultures around the whole world use weaving in their everyday life.  Students then paintined two paintings, one with warm colors and one with cool colors.  Students then create their own loom and weaving strips and weave them together!


Warm and Cool Landscapes
    Second Grade students learned about the warm and cool colors. Warm colors are red, orange and yellow, and the cool colors are green, blue and purple. We also studied the concept of a landscape and a horizon line.  To combine these concepts, students created landscapes and divided the landscape with a horizon line.  This created a landscape showing the contrast of the warm and cool colors.


Adinkra Cloth
In art class, we read the story  The Talking Cloth and learned about the importance of Adinkra cloth in Ghanaian culture.  Student then designed their own stamp to create their own Adrinkra cloth. Students printed their stamp as well as their classmate’s stamps, creating a beautiful Adrinkra cloth.

Faith Ringgold Inspired Self-Portraits
In class we read the story Tar Beach by Faith Ringgold.  We look at Ringgold's beautiful quilts and designs. Students used pencil and marker to draw themselves and then collage to create their own quilts as a backdrop for their beautiful faces!


Chinese Brush Painting
Second graders studied the fine art of Chinese brush painting. We tried to channel our energy to focus on our paintings. We painted branches using a bamboo paintbrush, using many different values of black watercolor.  We then painted cherry blossoms using “neighbor colors” (also known as analogous colors) from the color wheel. Finally, second grade artists made a chop with their name or a symbol as their signature. Artists used red ink for their chops, as it is a color of good luck in China.


Still Life Drawings
    Artists looked closely at a still life and observed its shapes, composition and colors of the objects. Each student recognized that their perspective is unique, therefore creating a different compostion and drawing than their neighbor. Students had to decide how close they wanted look at the still life, and which objects they would choose to include. Students used pencil, then crayon blending techniques and finally watercolor.

Outer Space Collages
Artists painted watercolor planets, then sprinkled salt on the painted orbs.  The salt eats away the water in the watercolor, creating crater-like textures.  The students then cut out the planets, creating a galaxy of color.  Artists added stars and comets to the galaxy creating a magnificent universe.

Clay Butterflies
Students created butterflies using clay building and carving as well as beautiful watercolor painting.


Head to Toe Portraits
Students learn about the human body and proportions.  Students act out different positions of athletes, dancers, and other people.  Students then create a head to toe image of a person using drawing techniques.

Students draw sunflowers on black paper with chalk.  Students then cover their chalk lines iwth Elmers glue.  Once the glue dries, their black lines shine through creating a clear image of student's glorious sunflowers!  Students then draw using pastels and blending techniques resulting these exquisite works of art!

Symmetrical Collage Butterflies
In the second grade curriculum, students learn about the life of a butterfly.  In art class, students learn about collage techniques and symmetrical design resulting in beautiful butterfly collages.