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Class begins with our daily Morning Meeting at 8:30.
Children should plan to enter the building at 8:20 when the first bell rings in order to have all belongings put away in lockers and be ready to learn at 8:30. Please note the following new drop-off policy being implemented across the Newton Public Schools to enhance the student safety and learning time: Beginning Monday, September 11, families are asked to say goodbye to children at either the fron or back door of the schoolvand allow students to enter the building independently. Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this new policy.

On most Tuesdays, our school ends at 12:30. On most other days, dismissal is at 3:00. Exceptions are noted on the Newton Public Schools calendar for the 2017-2018 school year.  

For more information about start and end times, as well as other school policies, see refer to Memorial-Spaulding's webpage.


Our class dismisses from the art room door on the front of the school (door 19).

Please stand on the grass to the right of the door as we will be dismissing out of the right hand door (as you look at the front of the school)
and another class will be dismissing from the left side door and turning toward the beautiful tree that children sometimes climb after school.
I will dismiss one child at a time once they see you out the windows to the right of the dismissal door. Please be visible.
Also, if someone other than the person reading this will pick up your child, share this information with your child's pick-up person.
If you arrive late and we are not at this location, please pick up your child at the main office.


Should you need to make changes to dismissal, please notify us in advance and in writing.

You may send a note to school with your child, or email a note to

If you don't receive a confirmation reply before dismissal, please call.

All late changes to dismissal should be made with a phone call to the school office (617-559-9600).  

Children will not be dismissed to locations or people other than those noted on our dismissal form without direct notification from parents or guardians about the change, no exceptions.

Also, if your child goes to extended day and will not be attending on any given day, please call them directly at 617.630.5151 and leave a message.


Please send in one healthy food item and one beverage for our afternoon snack.

Please use containers that your child can open independently (and practice these independent skills at home) and include a cloth napkin to be used as a placemat.


Your child shoud read for at least 20 minutes per night. This may look like: partner reading, independent reading,
reading aloud, reading quietly, reading a magazine, reading in the bathroom, reading on a computer...any type of reading!   

After your child reads, engage in a conversation with your child about his/her reading.

Additional homework will start beginning around the seventh week of school.  More information to come in October.


We love celebrating your child’s birthday in second grade!  
We will be celebrating birthdays by having parents or another important family member join our class as a special birthday reader.
If your child has a summer birthday you may celebrate in June.

On the day of your child’s birthday (or close to the day), you are invited into the classroom as our special birthday reader. 
You may choose a book to read to the class (one of your child’s favorites or a new book that you think your child would enjoy).  
After you are done reading, you may choose to donate the book to our classroom library
(where it will remain for the year – these books are truly treasured by the birthday child and the class!!)
or we will return it to you at the end of the day.
We are looking forward to hearing many wonderful stories and celebrating with your child.

When your child’s birthday is approaching please email me so we can schedule a date and time.

Please note that party invitations/thank you notes may only be distributed in the classroom if ALL children in the class are invited
and gifts or treats for classmates are not allowed.


Home/school communication folder - Your child has an orange home/school communication folder. This folder will go home every afternoon and should come back with your child in the morning. Please help to teach your child to give you any mail from school every evening (you may need to check in with your child about this daily until it becomes a part of your afternoon/evening routine) and read the information sent home, as this is one primary method of contact between the school and home. Also, please send the folder back to school with your child every morning. If you have any quick and timely notes to send to me, such as information concerning a change in dismissal information, please put this in your child’s folder and remind him/her to give the note to me in the morning at arrival.  Upon arrival, your child should take his/her folder out of his/her backpack, take out his/her homework or notes and put the folder in the folder bin.

For all other questions/concerns/great news to share, etc, the best way to contact me is by email. My email address is I try to respond to all emails within 24 hours. I check my email at 7:45 a.m. and again after all of the children leave for the day. Therefore, if you need to get a message to me that is important for the current day, either email me before 7:45 a.m. or send a note in your child’s folder. You may try to email during the school day, but I cannot guarantee that I will have time to check it. If there is an emergency during the day, you can call the main office at (617) 559-9600 and our secretary, Francie Sheehan, will get the message to me.


If you know that your child will be absent or late ahead of time, please send a note in your child’s folder before the child will be absent. This allows me to inform the individuals who take our attendance that your child’s absence is excused. If your child has an unplanned absence on any day (such as if s/he is sick), please call the absence number at (617) 559-9617 and leave a message. This prevents us from having to track you down to make sure that your child is safe and accounted for.

If your child is late (i.e. not in the classroom when the 8:30 bell goes off), please have her/him sign in at the office before coming to the classroom in the morning.

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