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My website looks different


If you are using an old FirstClass client, you website may look a little different . Here is the solution.

If you used a pre-8.3 FirstClass client to create web site content, you are free to do nothing, and your content will continue to render on the web. You can add more content just as you always have.

If you don't want to use the new web publishing application, don't click the Appearance button. Clicking this button tells FirstClass to use the new web publishing features for this container, and your web pages won't display as you expect.

But you won't be able to use the full power of the web publishing application. For example, you won't be able to view your content on the web directly from the client, or apply appearance . You also need to know that any HTML pages won't take on the navigation bars or other formatting provided by the templates. These pages will basically be standalone pages in your site.

For these reasons, we recommend that you make your existing content compatible with the web publishing application

Switching to web publishing

Switching your old web site content so that it is compatible with the web publishing application involves just a few steps:
1 Move your Web Publishing folder off your Desktop to another location.
This folder is the My Web Site/Home Page folder, renamed. It contains your existing content, unchanged. Moving this folder archives its contents, so that you don't lose them as you switch over.
2 Open Web Publishing from the menu or navigation bar.
This creates a new Web Publishing folder on your Desktop. This will be your new web publishing environment.
3 Remove any specially named home page document in your old content.
Web publishing can't work properly with content that includes a document named home page, index.htm/.html, home.htm/.html, or default.htm/.html.
You can either rename your old home page document before copying it, or copy its contents to a web page created in the Web Publishing folder on your Desktop.
4 Copy your content from the archived Web Publishing folder to the Web Publishing folder on your Desktop.
We recommend that you do this one page at a time and view each page on the web, to isolate any problems.
When all content has been copied over safely, you can delete the archived Web Publishing folder.

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