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How Can I Sync My Blackberry to FirstClass?

To sync your Blackberry to FirstClass, you should have SyncML software on your handheld.

Many modern mobile phones and smartphones, such as those based on the Symbian OS™, have built in SyncML support. Consult your manual or explore the menus on your mobile phone to see if there is a SyncML or synchronization setup option. If you can find such an option, it is likely that the device will work with FirstClass Synchronization Services (FCSS).
Some smartphones and personal digital assistants, such as Blackberry®, Palm/Treo®, Windows Mobile®, and PocketPC devices, do not have built in support for the SyncML standard. For these devices, install a third party SyncML client.

Third party SyncML clients
Add-on SyncML clients for a number of devices and groupware applications are available from independent software vendors. FCSS has tested SyncML clients from Nexthaus and Synthesis AG with generally positive results. For more detailed information regarding these SyncML products, go to:

http://www.nexthaus.com (for the blackberries)

http://www.synthesis.ch (for Palm/Treo, Windows Mobile and PocketPC).

If your handheld has a syncML capability, contact your building IT Specialist for the server settings.

Basic SyncML device setup
To transfer data from your device or application to your FirstClass account, make sure that the field names you enter match the names for your FirstClass. email account .

To begin your device setup:
1 Open the SyncML client or menu on your device (refer to your product documentation).
2 Open the settings or profile item (different vendors use different terms for this).
3 Enter the Server URL/address of the FirstClass synchronization server as provided by your building IT Specialist.
It will look something like:
http://<IP address of FirstClass Internet Services server>/cgi-bin/sync
4 Enter your FirstClass user ID and password in the appropriate fields.
5 Select the data types you want to synchronize.
You must set the folder/database names as follows:
Data Type Enter
for contacts ........contacts
for calendar events ........calendar
for tasks (to-do items) ...........tasks

To get email on your Blackberry, please follow the instructions which came with your PDA, how to setup email. Enter your FirstClass email UserID and Password.


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